Psychodrama – therapy and coaching

In therapy and coaching I revert to my knowledge and experience as a psychologist, psychodramatist and psychotherapist.

We will tailor my know-how to your needs as much as necessary and possible.

All this will be achieved by recurring above all things on acting in the situation and experiencing what happens, in addition to a mere verbal exchange an reflexions.

To do that we will use the space in my consulting room to symbolise, build and play what we want to work on … always up to a point that makes sense to you and still makes you feel comfortable and secure.

By doing that we will get as far as possible near, and sometimes even right into, real action, which creates a true experience of what is about to happen.

Once we get to that point of activation we considerably better your chances to understand things to a greater extent and, as a consequence, enable you to make changes for yourself.

Rarely, but still sometimes – and that`s the magic of psychodramatic work – things seem to change by themselves.


Before session 1 Contact via Email or telephone

Session 1 First evaluation of your situation – Brief introduction to my methods – Clarification of administrative questions – Working on the subject for a first time.

Sessions 2 to 5 In- depth evaluation of your situation – Estalishment of therapy-plan (How frequent ? How many sessions in total ?) – Evaluation of the relationship build so far

Sessions 5 to … Work according to the therapy-plan.

Most important will be that we get to know each other. You have to evaluate for yourself if you feel comfortable with me and if you feel like you can trust me.

Other than that there is nothing in a therapy- or coaching process which can not be questioned, re-discussed or adapted. So in case something is not convenient anymore we can talk about it at any moment.

How much

I charge 145 sFr per session. (60-90  minutes)

On session lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Expérience shows that after 90 minutes the concentration inevitably fades. Meanwhile 60 minutes are only in some cases enough to work through a subject exhaustively. So these 30 minutes render our work a little more flexible.

My services are not refunded by the basic health insurance in Switzerland.

There are on the other hand some complementary health insurances which refund a certain percentage of the costs.


My sessions take place in the localities of Cura Mentis – Ambulante Psychiatriepflege at Bahnhofsstrasse 16, 2502 Biel, on the second floor.

Psychodrama online

My offer comprises also therapy and coaching online, via zoom or skype.

Psychodrama online only needs some minor adjustments in the room where you do your session online.