Conflict management/clarifications

Christoph Thomann’s method “Klärungshilfe” (translated word by word: Help to clarify) is meant to reestablish the groundwork of a relationship which has become tense and conflictual. Such developments can occur as a consequence of merely subtle “accidents” within communications between people, as well as of rather significant violations and infractions. As a result the basis of a relationship has become vulnerable and fragile. Within the process of clarifying a relationship we work gradually on speaking more an more honest by expressing our true feelings, those whom we like and also those whom we don’t like that much. This ultimately leads to a gradual reestablishment of a solid and trustworthy ground on which the relationship can be projected in the future in a more honest and realistic manner.

The process will be guided an moderated by me in a fashion that tries to take into account and put forward the positions of all parties involved equally.

As a prerequisite of a clarification it is important that the relationship(s) to clarify are a priori meant to last.

This holds true for all private and professional relationships, amongst individuals (couples, friends or colleagues, the latter either on the same hierarchical level or on different levels) or within groups (families, communities, corporate sections or teams).

We try to help to talk about emotions in a factual manner and not about facts in a emotional manner.

We are convinced, that mutually clarified positions and honesty in relationships is the basis for flourishing and functioning cooperation in both the private and professional realm. I can help you to establish this situation by helping you talking to each other.

A clarification (“Klärung”) consists of several phases which remain the same every time in their sequence and basic content. They represent the backbone of each clarification process.

The time required to got through that sequence depends on your situation. Sometimes a few hours are enough (two conflicting parties), sometimes up to three days are necessary (more than two conflicting parties).

The price for a clarification varies and is to be negotiated. It depends on the given situation. It’ll be determined after a extended exchange between me and you in which I evaluate the situation.

Clarifications online

Clarifications can also be carried out effectively via Zoom or Skype.
The “window contact” that occurs in a Zoom meeting has a positive effect on clarifications, as it reduces social pressure and at the same time encourages individual self-expression. This enables freer and more open communication and the points of view of individual people can be expressed more easily. All these points are important factors in conflict resolution.

For more detailed information, please contact me directly.